Dear Attendants To The German Nationals Women 2021 (DMF2021)!

We all here in Brandenburg are looking forward to meeting you on our airfield Brandenburg-Mühlenfeld!

We saw many more registrations on the CoPilot-System of the „Deutsche Aeroclub (DAeC)“ than slots available. So, those happy having received the appropriate invitation must now, as a follow-up, complete their inscription-data using another service of the DMF2020 competition-portal.

Our goal was to make the registrational processes for attendants as simple and the competition itself for flight-crews and competition management as efficient as possible. Therefore we integrated a dedicated flight-club managment-service named „“ into the DMF2020 web portal.

Time-Slots for registration will be fixed later!

Variant 1

You already make use of the service provided by „“. If you already own an account, please make use of your well-known log-in procedure and proceed as described in the guideline to be linked below.

If not, please follow „Variant 2“.

Variant 2

You do not own an account at „“. Instead, please follow this link:  „“. Please register with exactly (!!) the mail-address (red arrow) having used for the CoPilot-System of DAeC and then click on „Passwort anfordern“ (green arrow).

You will receive via e-mail the initial password granting you access to the service. Next, log in and change your password!

Please find extended support and descriptions in the brief guidance which you can download by clicking the red button below.The system will provide a pdf document to you.